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Welcome to King's Landing



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With the largest selection of board games in Waco, we have all kinds of board games for all kinds of people.

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King's Landing Coffee is beyond compare. If you are tired of the same-old same-old, try something new at our Waco café!

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Come through the secret door and revisit video games the way they were meant to be played! Our original arcade cabinets are ready for your quarters! 

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From Dungeons and Dragons to Warhammer, King's Landing is your go-to table top store in Waco.

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Local Beer

Up to six local craft beers on tap, selections vary- ask your server what is available! We also have cans & bottles in our fridge up front! 

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Our vintage video games are not only available for playing, they are available for purchase! We have Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, and more!

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We keep Pokémon, Yu-Gu-Oh, Magic the Gathering, and even One Piece. We have cards for every kind of collector.

Butter My Biscuit Waco 2.webp

Everything is made fresh at Butter My Biscuit! This delicious award-winning restaurant lives inside King's Landing! 

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Ready to find your next Dungeons and Dragons group? What about Yu-Gi-Oh card game tournaments? We have something fun to do  nearly everyday!



Opening Hours

Tue - Sat

10:00 am – 7:00 pm

​Sun - Mon


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